Women's Refuge New Zealand is an organization located in New Zealand dedicated to women and children, fighting to prevent family violence. It is the first women's refuge in New Zealand, founded in 1973. Since then, it has fought to protect children, young people, Māori women, Pasifika women, migrant and refugee women, lesbian women, older women and women with disabilities. It also informs people on the impact of domestic violence.

During Melanie Martinez's time in New Zealand in 2016, Melanie designed a stuffed animal named Mr. Soft Serve for a Women's Refuge charity. She stated that she decided to do this because "It's really important to support people who are struggling with any kind of family issues, especially dealing with family violence, because family is one of the most important things and it makes me really heartbroken and sad, like just even thinking about people struggling with that. I'm hoping that this little bear guy will make someone really happy and can bring them a bit of love.


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