Hello, Fellow Crybabies~! <3 I'm officially writing my first blog. Right now. Wow. This... This is great. But anyways, Melanie is my #1 Idol but.. I kinda lost a bit of respect after watching this video..

I understand Melanie was probably upset and trying to talk. But she didn't even hear the fan say "I love you!" at the beginning of the video. She rudely shushed her. Don't get me wrong, Melanie is still a great person and I'm pretty sure she didn't mean to be rude like this. If she was going to do this again, Maybe say it a little bit nicer? I don't know. But I just thought you guys should all see this video if you haven't already <3

Regardless, I still listen to Melanie and look up to her. She's a great person and I hope she continues to make music. What do you guys think? Comment Below~! <3


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