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    Cry Baby Deluxe

    August 23, 2015 by MilkWithCookies

    Do you ever think Melanie will release a physical copy of the deluxe version of Cry Baby sometime in the future before she's done with the era? Even if she only makes a limited run of about 1,000 copies or so, would she? I think that she could possibly have a re-release with the album and add some outtakes that didn't make the album along with the standard edition and the three deluxe tracks. Some songs that could be on the re-release are (hopefully) Where Do Babies Come From, Haunted, Bombs On Monday, and some others that didn't make the cut. The re-release could also come with a Cry Baby Tour DVD if she decides to make one! It could also be called "Cry Baby: The Waterfall Edition" or something like that. Maybe she could also continue theā€¦

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