Melanie Saved my life. She's an amazing person with a style that can't be taught. She's not interested in fitting in and dances to a beat that's really special. I admire her. She's everything I want to be and more. I first started listening to her when My best friend was singing Soap. The first lyrics I ever heard from any of her songs was the first line of the second verse. "iThink I got myself in trouble, So I fill the bath with bubbles. Then I put the towels all away." After that, I went home and listened to the cry baby album and instantly fell in love with her music. There was story, meaning, everything music should be. I began to feel a connection with her music as I continued listening to it. I watched interveiws, Auditions, voice performances, everything she appeareed in. I wrote a book and every chapter name was a referance to her or one of her songs. Then I hit a dark time. I had nothing happy in my mind. nothing to live for. No motivation to continue my life. I hadn't been listening to melanie for a while and honestly, I didn't see a reason to. But then I heard her songs again. They had relation to me. I listened to Cake on repeat. Play Date, Training wheels, any song I could find that I could relate to. and it began to lift my spirits. I realized I shouldn't be sad because I thought the world was happening to me, but the reality was, I was happening to me. Melanie helped me realize that and had nothing to do with it at the same time. She saved me and never knew it. Of couse there were a couple outside influences, my friends, my best friend, my love, a lot of things other than her, but her impact did not go unnoticed.