• LittleJackk

    Hi! If you didn't know, Melanie was going to come out with a album version of the Dollhouse EP after the Acoustic EP was scrapped. This idea was later scrapped as well and was turned into Cry Baby. This is what I imagine the Dollhouse album to be like, it's not official.

    1. Dollhouse
    2. Carousel
    3. Gold Digging Love
    4. You Love I
    5. Dead to Me
    6. Schizo
    7. Bombs on Monday
    8. Haunted
    9. Dressed in Mistakes
    10. Wicked Words
    11. Night Mime
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  • LittleJackk

    Hello those at the Melanie Martinez Wiki! Recently i saw many people have been defending Yungelita (A Pedo) just because Melanie is friends with her. As much as i love mel, i know that this is wrong. Melanie is against people like this, so it is quite obvious she doesn't know.

    Alot of people who might come across this will not know who she is. So let me tell you.

    Her real name is Emma Harvey. she never shared her name and gets extremely angru when people call her by her real name.there has been an ongoing thread with 60+ pages, screenshotting, inserting attachment, link confirmation on PrettyUglyLittleLiar (a forum website). There is no doubt that Emma Harvey likes child porn, There are no lies. The content is solely made by Emma Harvey @yun…

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  • LittleJackk she would have been seven years old when she made this website!

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  • LittleJackk

    O MY GEUD!!!1!!!! 10000000 peircent rel!!1!!1!

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  • LittleJackk

    hi. i've had this info for a few weeks, but i wasnt able to tell everyone due to me being blocked.

    i asked melanie martinez exposed about 4th Unknown Song, and this is what she said

    so yeah, the song does not have any lyrics.

    :) sorry i couldnt give you this info sooner, being blocked sucks


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