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  • LaurenLlama15

    Just thought this would be fun to do. I know we haven't heard all the songs yet, so I may come back and change this (I'll date the changes).

    1) Cry Baby

    2) Cake

    3) Mad Hatter

    4) Tag, You're It

    5) Training Wheels

    6) Alphabet Boy


    8) Soap

    9) Mrs. Potato Head



    12) Pity Party

    13) Pacify Her

    14) Sippy Cup

    15) Carousel

    16) Dollhouse

    08/03/15 - Have not heard Milk and Cookies, Teddy Bear, or Play Date in any form so they aren't on the list yet

    == V2 == 

    • I have now finally heard Cry Baby entirely (though maybe illegally) and can now rate all the songs in order. 08/22/15

    1) Cry Baby

    2) Play Date

    3) Mad Hatter

    4) Mrs. Potato Head

    5) Tag, You're It

    6) Cake

    7) Training Wheels

    8) Milk and Cookies

    9) Alphabet Boy

    10) Teddy Bear

    11) Soap

    12) Pity Party

    13) Pacify Her

    14) Sippy …

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  • LaurenLlama15

    I think we will eventually get this song. Otherwise, why would Jose tease it after such a long time since the first snippet? A leak would be cool, but maybe we will ask Melanie enough times that she will just go "alright fine, here you go" and post it on Youtube. 

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