Since I didn't really tell you about myself on my user page I thought I would tell you in this blog. First thing I want to mention is that I live in Arizona. My birthday is on January 20th  (I wont tell you my age, but feel free to guess). I am a huge fan of Melanie Martinez and to be honest at first I didn't like her that much. I first found out about her through a friend of mine on skype. She sent me a link and told me to watch a video. It was the "Dollhouse" music video and I thought it was creepy. After watching that video it got stuck in my head and I started to like it. I then started to listen to it more often until it got boring and I forgot about it.

A couple years later my friend wanted me to do a duet with him on and I agreed. When he posted the I went to see what song it was. The song was "Tag You're It" by Melanie Martinez I listened to the small portion of it and I kinda liked it. After that I started searching for more of her songs and I started to like all of them. I soon found her entire album which was called "Cry Baby" and I really wanted to listen to the whole thing. I looked up the album on Youtube and tried to listen to the whole album. Some songs I liked others I didn't like. I then decided to try to get the phsyical album because I found out it was a Storybook and I loved that Idea.

I have another friend who is my best friend and she loves Melanie Martinez she helped like Melanie's other songs besides on the "Cry Baby" album. She also lets me know when a new video is out of Melanie's because I don't keep track of that. I searched everywhere for the album when I found out I couldn't get it (Forgot to mention I was looking for the deluxe version). I finally got the deluxe version after finding out it was a digital download. I played that album soo much and I still do. It had songs that I've never heard of like "Play Date", "Teddy Bear", and "Cake", I told my friend and she got jealous. So what I decided to do was for her birthday (which was this month) get her a Melanie Martinez choker and "Cry Baby" album. She was super happy. After that I tried finding more Melanie songs and Leaked/Unreleased songs like "Bombs On Monday", "Night Mime", and "Gold Diggin' Love". I also connect with some of her songs but even if I don't connect to them I love the dark and the light vibe. Some of my favorite songs are "Tag You're It", "Milk and Cookies", "Mad Hatter", and "Teddy Bear" I also LOVE "WDBCF" and "Band-AId".   

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