Computer Bear

  • I live in Arizona
  • I was born on January 20
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Computer Bear
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  • Computer Bear


    January 1, 2017 by Computer Bear

    I made a Q&A on my message wall if you want to feel free to ask me some questions I didn't answer in my blog post. I am really nice nad trying to get to know more people on this wiki so please ask me something. :)

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  • Computer Bear

    About myself

    December 30, 2016 by Computer Bear

    Since I didn't really tell you about myself on my user page I thought I would tell you in this blog. First thing I want to mention is that I live in Arizona. My birthday is on January 20th  (I wont tell you my age, but feel free to guess). I am a huge fan of Melanie Martinez and to be honest at first I didn't like her that much. I first found out about her through a friend of mine on skype. She sent me a link and told me to watch a video. It was the "Dollhouse" music video and I thought it was creepy. After watching that video it got stuck in my head and I started to like it. I then started to listen to it more often until it got boring and I forgot about it.

    A couple years later my friend wanted me to do a duet with him on and I…

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