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  • American Lowlifes

    I was bored so I decided to make this blog. :p

    Person/People Reason
    Ángela Torres Angela released a music video for her song, La Vida Rosa, which contained similar elements with some of Melanie Martinez's music videos, causing Crybabies to accuse her of copying her.
    Onision Onision uploaded a video titled "Why Do People Hate Melanie Martinez?". In the video, he insults her look saying she looks like a drug addict and telling her to fix her teeth.
    Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton On their X Factor audition, they performed Britney Spears' Toxic. However, their performance was very similar to Melanie Martinez's audition of Toxic on The Voice. This led to Crybabies accusing them of copying her.
    Christina Aguilera On an episode of The Voice, Christina …

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