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"Play It Again, Sam! You Don't Have Any Feathers" is a song originally by Manchester Orchestra that Melanie Martinez covered on her YouTube channel. She later removed the video.


You lift your skinny fists up in the sky
Pack a change of clothes and left in the middle of July 2005
When the glass it hit the wall, the mother cried and the cops were called
The day, you said, goodbye

Your father left his work by 1 or 2
To a crying telephone, his wife was on the other side of you
Really did it this time, the Lord looks down and begins to cry
They day, you said, goodbye

And I know, you've been abandoned
Don't abandon ship on me
Just know, like winter white snow
You've been forgiven, come back to me
I know right now
That don't mean anything

Your skinny legs bounced up into the sky
I tried to tell you to be careful not to jump that high
With your fingers crossed you fall, against the ground I saw it all
The day, you tried, to fly

When the red and blue lights made the scene
Your eyes were glazed and honestly can you remember anything
When the others ran away, I prayed to god they wouldn't stay
But sometimes he doesn't listen

From a father to his daughter
My prodigal child, come back to me
From sinner to his maker
Your prodigal son is on his knees
Sweet god, please hold on to me
Sweet god, hold her please, oh please
The day, she tried, to fly

Hold me, the day I try to fly