You are reading the page dedicated to the EP. You may have been wanting to read about Pity Party, the song.

The Pity Party (Remixes) (EP) is the third remix EP and fourth overall EP by American recording artist Melanie Martinez, containing remixes from her song Pity Party, the 8th track on her album Cry Baby. It was released on August 28th, 2015, to celebrate the start of Melanie's Cry Baby Tour, which had already began two days before. Melanie didn't announce this EP, but she released the remixes on her YouTube channel, and then released the EP a day later. The EP was later re-released as an album on May 20th, 2016 with two extra remixes included.


  • "*" = a song that was not included in the original release, but was in the rerelease. 
No. Length
1. "Pity Party (Madison Mars Remix)"* 4:45
2. "Pity Party (Kayliox Remix)"* 4:43
3. "Pity Party (XVII Remix)" 4:01
4. "Pity Party (K Theory Remix)" 4:58
5. "Pity Party (The Feels Remix)" 4:32
6. "Pity Party (Myles Travitz Remix)" 3:02
7. "Pity Party (Kassiano Remix)" 4:04

Audio Videos

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