Mr. Soft Serve is a stuffed animal designed by Melanie Martinez during her time in New Zealand in 2016 for a charity for Women's Refuge New Zealand. She said that she hopes that "this little bear guy will make someone really happy and can bring them a bit of love." The winner of the auction will receive the Mr. Soft Serve drawing by Melanie, the Cry Baby album, and the Mr. Soft Serve cuddly. The ideal person will "Give Mr Soft Serve unlimited hugs, host the occasional tea party, enjoy ice cream," and "Let Mr. Soft Serve stay up late.".


Mr. Soft Serve is a stuffed animal resembling a 'vintage' toy bear. He has brown fur, green eyes, a pink heart for a nose, whiskers above his mouth, and pink cheeks. He appears to have two buck teeth and he is wearing a pink bow around his neck.


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