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Milk Man is a brand Melanie Martinez and Miles Nasta created on Depop in 2015. Two packs of items were released on the account.

Ice Cream Pack

The Ice Cream Pack was the first pack released under the brand name. It included two iron-on pins: strawberry ice cream with sprinkles and an ice cream man. Only 170 of the pack were made, costing $20. This pack was designed by Melanie, under the name "Milk".

Milk Pack

The Milk Pack was the second pack released under the brand name. It included 4 stickers: a pink bunny, a gray cat drinking milk, a skeleton feeding a baby milk, and a cow with a milk man. The bunny and kitty were made my Melanie under the name "Milk" and the cow and man along with the skeleton feeding a baby were made my Miles under the name "Man". Only 150 of the pack were made, costing $18.


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