Over 40 songs were recorded for Cry Baby and Dollhouse EP, posted on Melanie's YouTube channel and privated/deleted or made for a cancelled body of work and did not make the cut for various reasons.  

Some of these reasons are that the songs did not match the rest of the theme, that the standards were not met, or that Melanie just didn't like them. Here is a list of all the songs we know so far.  

This list also includes unreleased, possibly older songs that may or may not have been intended for formal release at all. Additional information can be found on the songs' pages. 

Bold typing indicates the song, or snippets of the song, have been leaked/posted/performed at some point.

Italic typing indicates the song was meant for either Cry Baby or Dollhouse EP, but didn't end up making the cut.

Unreleased Songs


  • Tag, You're It replaced Jump Rope, Play Date replaced Half Hearted, and Soap replaced Haunted at the last moment.
  • Bombs On Monday Morning, Blue Knees, Night Mime, You Love I, Can't Shake You, Million Men, and Wicked Words all had their studio versions leaked.
  • Acoustic songs such as Dear PorcupinesBones Are Blue, Intervals, Rough Love, Million Men, The One and Race had their studio sessions leaked, not their official studio versions.
  • Where Do Babies Come From?, Dear Porcupines and A Thousand Words are the only explicit unreleased songs.
    • Dear Porcupines is only considered to be explicit sometimes, since it was usually performed without swears.