This is a list of videos that were uploaded to Melanie Martinez's YouTube channel that were either privated or deleted.

Deleted Videos by Upload Order

  1. Follow Me- Uncle Kracker
  2. Me Singing How to Save a Life- The Fray
  3. Not a Second to Waste- Cover
  4. All Time Low Cover - Talent Show
  5. Hey Alice - Original
  6. You Are My Sunshine- Kevin Devine
  7. Miserable at Best Cover
  8. 9 Crimes Cover
  9. I Know I Know I Know- Cover
  10. Your Biggest Fan-Cover
  11. Here I Am To Worship- Cover
  12. The Lord is Gracious and Compassionate-(...)
  13. With Me- Sum41
  14. Added (x3)
  15. The World Spins Madly On- Cover
  16. Go On Away- Original.
  17. Never Change- Dear Juliet (Chase Coy)
  18. Smoke- New Original.
  19. Foundations- Cover
  20. I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Cover -Re-do
  21. Kids- MGMT (Cover)
  22. The Way I Am- Cover
  23. You Belong To Me.
  24. Play It Again Sam- Manchester Orchestra
  25. Story of an Insomniac.
  26. Alone- New Original
  27. Beauty in the Breakdown- COVER
  28. Sea Of Love- Cat Power
  29. In Fact- Gregory and the Hawk
  30. Black and Blue.
  31. Alone.
  32. Black and Blue.
  33. Brave Face- Melissa Pollinar (Acapella)
  34. Violent Disease.
  35. Pollen and Salt- Daphne Loves Derby
  37. Empty Life.
  38. I'm Tired- Kate McGill.
  39. I Don't Know,
  40. My Heart- Paramore
  41. Samson- Regina Spektor
  42. Misguided Ghosts- Paramore
  43. Joy of the Lord
  44. Normalcy Will Never Be Achieved
  45. Curly Cue- Original
  46. Skinny Love-Bon Iver Cover
  47. I Think I'm Crazy- New Original
  48. Melanie Martinez I Think I'm Crazy
  49. Birthing Addicts Original Song
  50. Radiohead- Creep
  51. The One That Got Away- Katy Perry
  52. Watch Me on April 22nd on Channel 14 8:00 PM
  53. Melanie Martinez MSG Varsity
  54. Hit The Road Jack- Ray Charles
  55. Moving On
  56. Semi Final MSG
  57. Mushaboom Cover
  58. Happy Holidays!
  59. Oh Comely- Neutral Milk Hotel (Cover)
  60. Set the Fire to the Third Bar - Snow Patrol (Cover)
  61. (Cover) Thrift Shop- Macklemore
  62. Starring Role - Marina And The Diamonds Cover
  63. Melanie Martinez - Dollhouse - Coming Soon!!


  • There were likely some videos in between Normalcy Will Never Be Achieved and Curly Cue that remain unaccounted for.
  • Some of these videos are still able to be watched on the Wayback Machine, such as Mushaboom, Thrift Shop, Set the Fire to the Third Bar, Curly Cue (sometimes), Birthing Addicts, and Happy Holidays!/O Come O Come Emmanuel (on a very rare occasion), however the majority of them are gone.

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