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"Life Is Good" is an unreleased song by Melanie Martinez. It can be seen by going on her website on the web archive. Little is known about it.


What a beautiful day
My heartache is miles away
The song on the radio
Gets me in the mood
To take a holiday
It's great to arise
And greet the world with a smile
And feel that all is good
My life continues to improve
'Cause I'm living by my new set of rules

I'm not gonna let anything you say bring me down
Cause life's good and it's too short to wear a frown

I get dressed to go
And share my mood
With my neighborhood
I take the time
To give the bum a dime
And give my landlord a whirl
I say hello
To friends and foes
That I pass on the street
Someone says to me
Stop being silly
Which prompts me to speak

Why can't we see that life is good
When we live it like we should
Not all things will be easy to bear
Enjoy life as a day at the fair
Don't let words bring you down
Smile and think of a clown

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