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"Life Got In The Way" is a song by Melanie Martinez. It can be seen by going on her website on the web archive.


According to the description Melanie wrote on her old website, this song is about wishing to take time to play with your kids.


I wish I would have had more time
To laugh and sing and play
I wish I would have shown more joy
But life got in my way
The stresses of our day to day
Were robbing me of time
The job and bills we had to pay
Were always on my mind
I'd come home in a bitter mood
With burdens in my head
You'd tell me you behaved real good
But I'd shuffle you off to bed

I ask myself until this day
How could I have done so wrong
I guess that life got in the way
So I'm giving you this song

In these verses I can let you know
That you always made me proud
I hope you know that I love you so
But I'm haunted by this cloud
Because now you've grown and moved away
And I'm older, tired and lonely
The job and bills, they went away
And my thoughts turn to you only

If I could wish just for one thing
I would go back in time
To laugh and tickle and play and sing
In the short time you were mine
But I can't make that wish come true
So I find my restitution
Just to know that I took care of you
And you're my greatest contribution

[Chorus 2]
So I tell you now, on this very day
I'm sorry I did you wrong
But I guess that life got in the way
So please accept this gift, my song

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