JBTV is a weekly hour-long television show featuring interviews, music videos, and performances. Melanie Martinez performed every song from Dollhouse at the studio in 2015, making her final performance of both Bittersweet Tragedy and Dead To Me. She also did an interview with them that wasn't uploaded until two years later on March 11th, 2017.



My name is Melanie Martinez, I've been writing music since I was fourteen. I started writing poetry at a young age and I've been singing all my life.

I auditioned for an open call at Javits Center in New York. I auditioned for the show called The Voice. I went to the open call and didn't really think anything of it, I kind of just saw a little ad online for the open call and was like, "Why not?"

When I got off The Voice, it was really hard for people to look at me as an artist. You play shows and they just wanna hear the cover songs that you played on TV and it's really interesting cause I stared just basically shoving my originals in people's faces. Whoever would come to the show, if they would scream for Toxic I would be like "No" and I would just sing my original music. Now I don't even have to do a cover of any song at any of my shows, nobody asks cause they know that I'll shoot it down immediately.