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"I Hear You Breathing" is an unreleased song by Melanie Martinez. It can be seen by going on her website on the web archive. Little is known about it.


According to the description Melanie wrote on her old website, this song is about a love that is ending.


I hear you breathing
Guess you decided to come home this evening
Will this be your last
Or a repeat of our past
We're living together
But you're in love with another
When did our love get lost
And when was I not enough

Where do we go from here
When did your love for me disappear
Why do stay with me
If you really want to leave
Please don't stay out of loyalty
Let our love end with dignity

But I hear you breathing
And I hear you often sigh
I guess you're thinking of her again
While you lay here by my side
Somewhere we lost the key
And we need to end this agony
'Cause I can't continue this life
Wanting you to come home each night

And I hear you breathing
I want to share with you what I'm thinking
It's time to face the truth
Admit our love is through
As I'm watching the sun rise
I want you to leave for the last time
Our love should come to an end
So my heart can start to mend

I hear you breathing...

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