Hot Topic is a store that carries pop-culture inspired clothes and accessories, along with merchandise from some of the hottest artists. Melanie Martinez has some merchandise at the store. On February 27th, 2016, Melanie had a meet and greet at the Hot Topic at Universal City Walk in LA and did an interview with the store on the same day.



Interview Transcript

Hi, I'm Melanie Martinez.

What do I do for fun? I write music.

Putting the album out, you know that was really huge for me, being able to put out original music. I spent a year and a half working on that album so it's just super personal and means a lot that people are actually connecting with it and stuff like that and you know singing every word at shows and stuff, that means a lot. I know what that's like, you know what I mean, listening to music and it helping cause music is therapy for me so it's like I know what that feels like so it's really cool.

I don't know, I love vintage 60s, it's my favorite time for lingerie and baby doll dresses and stuff. I love Mara Bow and anything pastel and fluffy and I love vinyl too, I don't know it's really just like a mix of different things that I kind of just throw together, I don't know.

Hot Minute Transcript

Hey, I'm Melanie Martinez and this is my Hot Minute.

What cheers you up?

Chocolate chip cookies and milk.

Best part of hometown?

Well, it's not really in my town, it's a couple towns over but it's still the same area and it's this place called Witches Brew and it's this really awesome coffee/tea house.

Longest without sleep?

Probably two days.

Worst job?

Well, the only other job I've had besides freelance photography and stuff like that was working in a bakery and I got fired after the fourth day. I just dropped a lot of cannolis and did a lot of stupid stuff, I don't know, it just wasn't very good.

What makes you nostalgic?

I don't know, probably just the feeling of not caring about so much, you know. When I was younger, there was less to worry about obviously, so I guess that.

Favorite commercial jingle?

I don't even know how the Meow Mix song goes. If I could do the Meow Mix song, I would do that. Yeah, it would be that, yeah.