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"Goodbye" is an unreleased song by Melanie Martinez. It can be seen by going on her website on the web archive. Little is known about it.


You entered the room that's when I knew I first loved you
I tried to make your life happy, but I lived in agony
I love you, I know you love me but this isn't good for our sanity
To break up, then make up, only to breakup once again

So I must bid you good-bye
And we must live separate lives
I want you to find happiness
'Cause I know it's not meant for us

We've tried too many times to make this work
I can't change who I am
If I could would it make a damn
So go out do what you like find someone to share your life
I'll pack my things and I will go
You'll thank me tomorrow

Our time together at best has been bittersweet
Come the day when we'll forget the loneliness
And the emptiness will fade away

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