Emily Warren Schwartz (born August 25th, 1992), known as Emily Warren, is an American singer, Grammy nominated and multi-platinum songwriter signed to Dr. Luke's label Prescription Songs, who currently splits her time between New York, London, and Los Angeles. She is most notable for the songs she has written for several high-profile pop artists, including The Chainsmokers, Jessie J, Shawn Mendes, Melanie Martinez, Frenship and several more.

Work With Melanie Martinez

She has worked with Melanie Martinez on the following song(s):

Songs from Cry Baby (2015):

Early Life

Warren was raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where she attended Trinity, a prestigious preparatory school, from kindergarten through high school. Out of line with her high school classmates, Warren had a penchant for the creative and performed regularly with her band, Emily Warren & the Betters (members Etienne Bowler and Marc Campbell went on to form part of the pop band MisterWives). A single from The Betters' EP, Not at All, was featured on the soundtrack of MTV's short-lived series, Skins. She was accepted into the NYU Tisch School/Clive Davis Institute in 2011 and offered a songwriter's contract with Prescription (Rx) Songs in 2013. In 2015 Warren graduated from the university and began splitting her time between Los Angeles and London.

Music Career

After signing with Dr. Luke, Warren disbanded the Betters and spent a year in LA. Soon after her arrival, she co-wrote "Masterpiece", the third single on pop artist Jessie J's album, Sweet Talker. "Masterpiece" debuted at #30 on the US Mainstream Top 40 and #65 on the US Billboard Hot 100 as well as certified gold in Australia and New Zealand. Following the success of that release, Warren eventually teamed up with longtime friend and collaborator Scott Harris to co-write four songs from Shawn Mendes' platinum-selling album, Handwritten: "Strings", "Aftertaste", "Air", and "Lost". September 18th, 2015 marked the release of The Chainsmokers' and Tritonal's "Until You Were Gone", which featured Warren's lead vocals. Her performance was immediately praised by Nylon, which wrote, "Her delivery is filled with a longing that packs a strong punch." Additionally, The Chainsmokers hailed Warren as, "one of the best songwriters AND vocalists that they had ever worked with". Shortly after, Warren teamed up again with Scott Harris and together they wrote Don't Let Me Down with The Chainsmokers, which reached number 1 on went triple platinum in the United States. It was both The Chainsmokers and Daya's first top 5 on Billboard Hot 100. Around the same time, Warren co-wrote and featured vocals on viral hit Capsize with Los Angeles duo Frenship, which is certified gold and has surpassed 200 million streams on Spotify (115 million of which were acquired prior to its radio impact date).

When interviewed by the online music publication Smashed about her writing process, Warren stated, "I think that sometimes songwriting, especially for pop, is viewed as a factory or an assembly line process, and I have to challenge that... I think that good songwriting has a real art to it, and I don’t just mean the profound or thought-provoking ones. Even most of the light-hearted, straight-up pop ones are masterfully written–sometimes even harder to write." Warren's express mission as a writer and artist is to create pop music that has the conceptual backing to influence positive social change. In a Tisch interview, she states, "What excites me about this field is that pop music can be an incredibly powerful and crucial platform for influence and change." She also has unaccredited vocals on The Chainsmokers' new song Paris.