The Dollhouse Tour was Melanie Martinez's first tour. It had two additional parts added to it, the Dollhouse Tour Part 2 and Dollhouse Tour Part 3.


Date Location Venue
June 4, 2014 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania World Café 
June 5, 2014 Norfolk, Virginia FM Backstage
June 7, 2014 Ashville, North Carolina The Lab
June 9, 2014 Nashville, Tennessee High Watt
June 10, 2014 Atlanta, Georgia Vinyl
June 12, 2014 Carrboro, North Carolina Cat's Cradle
June 14, 2014 Charlottesville, Virginia The Southern
June 15, 2014 Baltimore, Maryland Soundstage
June 16, 2014 Vienna, Virginia Jammin' Java
June 18, 2014 Portland, Missouri Port City Music Hall
June 19, 2014 Boston, Massachusetts Middle East
June 21, 2014 Providence, Rhode Island The Met
June 24, 2014 New York, New York Marlin Room


The order is unknown


  • During the Dollhouse Tour, 3 items were stolen from Melanie.

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