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Cry Baby Perfume Milk is the first fragrance by Melanie Martinez. It was released on February 17th, 2017 through her company, Cry Baby Headquarters.


Sweet and nostalgic, “Cry Baby Perfume Milk” captures the spirit of the girl who is playfully innocent, but conceals an irreverent edge. The first impression is a complicity of dark fruity notes, while strawberry milk and a lipstick accord are layered to contrast the dark fruits. The heart of, “Cry Baby Perfume Milk” invites you to experience innocent darkness while Melanie’s childhood memories are evoked through a soft, nostalgic baby lotion accord. Feminine yet mischievous and unapologetic, the base of the fragrance is wrapped in a sweet layer of burnt caramel complimented by a blend of sinister woods. Available in a 2.5 oz. size, bottled in a vintage-inspired, glass. Not tested on animals <3 Vegan. [1]

It may seem a bit strange to think about spraying milk on your body, but the perfume's name is simply a reflection of the bottle's shape. Going along with Melanie's "warped childhood aesthetic", the fragrance comes in a vintage baby bottle, twist-off rubber top and all. While the perfume itself actually does look like milk, don't worry -- it sprays on clear. [2]


Melanie sent a sample wipe of the perfume to selected fans with a card reading, "Hello! Since you've been such an amazing fan and supporter, I wanted to send you a sample of my very own Cry Baby Perfume Milk first! I've been working on the scent and bottle all year, so I'm very excited to finally share it with you. It's only available on - direct from me to you! So check out the website and order your own vintage-inspired baby bottle today! Love, Melanie Martinez."




Commercial Video

Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby Perfume Milk Commercial

Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby Perfume Milk Commercial


  • The perfume was originally set to be released on December 23rd, 2016, but the date was changed due to popular demand.
  • For now, the perfume is only available in the contiguous United States.