• Mastercreate11

    Goodbye, everyone

    February 16, 2018 by Mastercreate11

    Goodbye, everyone. I will be leaving for a while until this Melanie Problem is solved, or I am 21 or older. If you want to see me on other wikis, I will be joining the Barbie wiki, and I am on Geoshea's lost episode creepypasta wiki, Peppa pig fanon wiki, and the System of A Down wiki. At exactly midnight, I will be inactive on this wiki, so, until then, goodbye.

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  • Nuckolls5301

    blog post

    February 13, 2018 by Nuckolls5301

    im trying to get all of the badges XD

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  • AllyAzza


    February 2, 2018 by AllyAzza

    Hey guysss! Check out this case I just found you'll love it 😍😍 Here's the link if you want one too!

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  • Strawberriess


    February 1, 2018 by Strawberriess

    I am very saddened about Tim.Nowadays,people send her hate too much.I don’t love Tim but it is too much.It needs to stop.So,I want to say to everybody,sorry.(Especially for MarsDy)About what I have done about Tim.(Send her hate,expose her etc.)I hope this drama will ends.I wish her success in her music life.And send her my loves.

    With My Loves, Strawberiess

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  • MarsDy

    Melanie was arrested?

    January 19, 2018 by MarsDy

    So apparently according to this city in California’s state log, Melanie Martinez was arrested on January the 9th of this year. I don’t know if they’re talking about the Melanie we all know but it’s pretty coincidental that they’re talking about a 22 year old Melanie Martinez in California. Thoughts? Link:

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  • LittleJackk

    Hi! If you didn't know, Melanie was going to come out with a album version of the Dollhouse EP after the Acoustic EP was scrapped. This idea was later scrapped as well and was turned into Cry Baby. This is what I imagine the Dollhouse album to be like, it's not official.

    1. Dollhouse
    2. Carousel
    3. Gold Digging Love
    4. You Love I
    5. Dead to Me
    6. Schizo
    7. Bombs on Monday
    8. Haunted
    9. Dressed in Mistakes
    10. Wicked Words
    11. Night Mime
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  • Strawberriess

    I saw a person in youtube calling Melanie"Sh*tty" and accuse her for cheating on  her boyfriend,yelling at her fans,having sex with Timothy.It  is very impudent thing.She/He should be respect Melanie and also Crybabies.Nobody knows  what happened between them except Melanie and Timothy.Also they are people say who supports Melanie is brainwashed.It is very rude thing.You shold respect another people's ideas. Calling Melanie rapist and Timothy liar is wrong.Everyone have another opinions and people have to "respect" their opinions.I pic Melanie's side but,I don't call Timothy liar,sh*tty.b*tch or any swearword.I respect another people's opinions.

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  • 3V1L.15.BU7.4.5H4D0W

    Evil being but a shadow is something that I believe to this day. I believe that we all have a bit of evil in all of us, but we shouldn’t let it define us, however, because of the “2018 new change” thing, I want to change my username, but I need help. Put your suggestions down in the comments and I’ll try and decide on the omen that best reflects me as a person. Try and think of a good song lyric, something short though.

    thanks guys, here’s to 2018

    3V1L.15.BU7.4.5H4D0W (evil is but a shadow)

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  • Strawberriess

    Thank you!

    January 3, 2018 by Strawberriess

    ,I  have ranked in this wiki 17!Thank you to who supports me in this wiki.Firstly for LittleJackk who act to me kind and say welcome to me.And for secondly all users and creators of this wikia who helped and grow.It is a hobby to me to edit and help this wiki now.Thank you for all of you.As you may now,it isn't easy to come here.I hope,I helped to grow this wikia.I'll always try to help this wikia.I hope I will be a part of this wikia.

    With my loves,


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  • MarsDy


    January 2, 2018 by MarsDy

    So I saw a few days ago that a bunch of users started a Q&A for them so I wanted to do one too. Comment any questions you want to ask me if you have any :)

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  • 3V1L.15.BU7.4.5H4D0W


    December 31, 2017 by 3V1L.15.BU7.4.5H4D0W

    i had intended to watch mel's corner's new video about kira later on within my day however the video has been removed and their latest update gives doesn't explain what happened. can someone fill me in?

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  • Computer Bear

    Q&A (New)

    December 31, 2017 by Computer Bear

    I actually made a Q&A when I was fairly new to this wiki and I didn't get a lot of questions . Now that others have done some Q&As I thought I would do one. Questions will be answered in the comments and eventually added to the blog. Feel free to ask me anything as long as it's not personal.

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  • Strawberriess

    Unreleased Songs

    December 30, 2017 by Strawberriess

    Choose the song that you want to leak and write in the comments.

    Jump Rope/Haunted

    Half Hearted/Until Sunrise

    Pyscho Lovers/Stay for Love

    Mistakes/Dressed in Mistakes

    Where do babies come from?/I Scream

    Story Of an Insomniac/Normacly will never be Achieved


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  • 3V1L.15.BU7.4.5H4D0W

    Sarah morgan.

    December 29, 2017 by 3V1L.15.BU7.4.5H4D0W This is literally the funniest troll account i’ve ever seen.

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  • Big Bad Wolves

    FAQin' Hell Q&A

    December 28, 2017 by Big Bad Wolves

    Hey guys and welcome to FAQin' Hell Q&A! Soooo since I am extremely bored and stupid and have nothing else to do, I made a Q&A. I will answer in comments and on the blog.  Before doing anything make sure to read the rules below :P!

    1. No explicit or graphic questions.
    2. No too personal questions (names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.)
    3. Please don't repeat a question that someone else already asked me, it's annoying.
    4. Please be kind to others, or else I'll report you.
    5. If you're going to make a Q&A please don't copy my "FAQin' Hell" please.
    6. It doesn't have to be related to anything.

    No, I'm not a fan of Beyoncé.



    When I want to.

    A question

    It's a question, so yes.

    Moshi Moshi.

    Yes. (guys it's a joke…

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  • Redandsymmetry

    Red's Q&A

    December 27, 2017 by Redandsymmetry

    (I got the idea to do with from DanceGuy151. Apologies if they don't want me to do this.)

    Because I'm unoriginal, bored, and need something to do, I'll be doing a Q&A too! Questions are not limited to music or Melanie Martinez, they can be about basically anything! But nothing inappropriate or too personal please, although I think that goes without saying. Questions will be answered on the blog post.

    This one is actually really tough to answer! Of course, these are probably gonna change really quickly, but I'd have to say:

    1. Kesha - Rainbow

    2. The Neighbourhood - I Love You.

    3. Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life

    4. Panic! at the Disco - Death of a Bachelor

    5. Katy Perry - Witness

    I'd have to say Unconditionally by Katy Perry. I love the visuals of the vi…

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  • DanceGuy151


    December 26, 2017 by DanceGuy151

    In all three of my years on this wiki, I’ve surprisingly never done a Q&A. Since I have a lot of free time now, I figured I might as well do one now. Ask me any questions about myself, the wiki, music, etc. Anything’s fine as long as it’s not too personal. I’ll respond to questions in the comments and then put answers on the blog itself for easier viewing. Ask away!

    Yes, I especially love Bleach Blonde Baby, Moshi Moshi, Computer Boy, Software Upgrade, and Money.

    No, it’s pretty boring to me. It kind of seems to drag on.

    No, I tried to listen to them awhile back but couldn’t get into them. They’re style’s not really for me. I do like Sweater Weather, though.

    Yep, I saw her and met her in 2014 during the Dollhouse Tour Part 2.

    I’d rather never h…

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  • Redandsymmetry

    Merry Christmas

    December 25, 2017 by Redandsymmetry

    Apologies if this blog post seems a little unnecessary, but I just wanted to wish a Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all the users of this wiki! Have a fantastic day everyone.

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  • OffToWonderland

    Please enter Melanie Martinez sounding type beat titles.

    I dearly need them. Thank you!

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  • MarsDy


    December 25, 2017 by MarsDy

    If you were a real Cry Baby but believe that Melanie raped Timothy, that doesn’t make you a fake cry baby all along. You’re just supporting someone who you think had been assaulted sexually by Melanie Martinez.

    If you believe Timothy, Melanie, Both or no one. No one has the right to tell you to kill yourself, tell you that you are worthless, harass you and make you feel like crap. If someone is telling you to kill yourself, in North America at least it is a $20,000 fine for telling someone to kill themselves. Happy holidays everyone.

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  • Redandsymmetry

    Copy or Coincidence?

    December 24, 2017 by Redandsymmetry

    Since for some reason I can't add the photo to a comment on Timothy's page, I'll show it here. This blog post may become the home of multiple comparison images, but for now it's only here for one.

    Do you think Timothy intentionally copied Lorde, or was it a coincidence?

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  • 3V1L.15.BU7.4.5H4D0W


    December 24, 2017 by 3V1L.15.BU7.4.5H4D0W


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  • Strawberriess

    Unleaked Songs By Mel

    December 24, 2017 by Strawberriess

    Which unleaked songs do you want to be leak ?Tell me in the comments!I want all of them to be leak!

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  • Alelagamer

    Today I´m going to tell you some weird/interesting facts about Melanie Martínez

    1. Even though Melanie is an adult, she still has two baby teeth

    2. She eats chocolate every single day

    3. She absolutely hates vegetables and avoids them at all cost

    4. She performs with no shoes

    5. She trips or stumbles about 8 times a day

    6. She has said that she cries every day

    7. Her first word was mine because she was eating an ice cream her father took it from her and she screamed, MINE!

    8. She has, until this date,36 tattoos

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  • Strawberriess

    Can You belive it?It is So exciting to see new work from Mel!But sadly this song won't be in second album:(But it sounds very Good!I think this song is a reference to rape statements.But it is just a Theory.I hope it will be avaible in Spotfity!

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  • Crybaby18


    Lil Darlin'? Oh Lil Darlin' 

    Do you need your nightlight? To make it through the ni-ight? 

    Do you wanna wake up yet? The doctors are tryin' hard for you Darlin' so please wake u-up!


    Are the monsters in your head, tearing out all your sense?

    Leavin' nothing behind but scattered fragments?

    Of memories of long ago?


    Tell me! Oh baby tell me! Can you hear me still, under this never-endin' sleep?........ Please wake up for me! Open those wide eyes of yours and never be afraid of the monsters again.....Please wake up for me.

    Lil Darlin'? Oh Lil Darlin'

    Do you want me to recharge the nightlight? So you can still sleep tight? The doctors are beginning to give up hope, They're saying that you're gone, and no longer with us, but i-…

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  • Crybaby18

    Hi guys! Its Crybaby18 here informing you about the upcoming Melanie martinez movie!

    1. It is thought to get released in early January 2018
    2. it 'will be about the "Crybaby" album and will lead into the next album.
    3. Melanie is thought to be working with Tim Burton for the movie.
    4. It will include either the actors of the characters or the music videos throughout the movie.
    5. Melanie is keeping quiet about most other info about the movie to "not ruin the surprise at the end" 

    ​So that is all the information I have for you all, about the upcoming movie. Hoping your day is filled with love and light,


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  • Mastercreate11

    Watch this:

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  • Mastercreate11

    I want a potato

    December 16, 2017 by Mastercreate11

    I want a potato, potato, potato potato! French fries, kinishes, hash browns, (and don't forget the ketchup). I want potatoes, 

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  • Mastercreate11

    Timothy accusations

    December 16, 2017 by Mastercreate11

    Just Ignore this and move on pls. My friend is really the creator of this, not me.

    Who thinks Melanie is telling the truth? I do, and here are reasons why.

    1.  Look at the picture. Remember the supposed handcuff picture? Doesn't Timothy's hair look similar to the handcuff picture? I know, it might be a picture taken after the handcuff picture, but doesn't it seem strangely farmiliar?

    2. In the post she sent, she kept in calling the alleged rapist a he. Remember? I will put it down in the gallery for you to see.

    3. Timothy seems to be copying Melanie. I will put a few pictures in the gallery for you to see. Anyways, she might be trying to throw shade Mel's way so she can copy all of her songs and hope nobody notices. 

    Timothy seems legit, but she m…

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  • AshleyxTrash

    Fan-made songs for Melanie.

    (all written by me)

    Melanie Martinez - Haunted 

    Verse 1:

    Woken up, In pitch black

    I can't see anything

    There's no one home to save me from this dream

    Oh, There's something in the dark

    It seems like it might bark or bite

    Will someone save me?

    How can this be?


    Something's coming over

    Help me

    I can't escape

    This is a nightmare

    Am I trapped?


    No, I'm haunted

    Someone's calling me

    I'm haunted

    I can't escape the night

    ‘Cause I'm haunted in sight

    I'm haunted

    Don't know what to do

    Please help me or leave me here

    Verse 2:

    I duck and cover

    No place to hide or run

    Is this a joke? 

    Well, it isn't very fun, oh no

    Tell me who is here

    I’m starting to panic

    Oh dear


    Something's coming over

    Help me

    I can't escape

    This is a nightmare

    Am I …

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  • AshleyxTrash

    Pale Waves Wiki

    December 10, 2017 by AshleyxTrash

    I know this isnt about Melanie but would someone like to help me make this wiki?

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  • Computer Bear


    December 6, 2017 by Computer Bear


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  • MarsDy

    Username change

    December 6, 2017 by MarsDy

    So as a part of Melanie sexually assaulting Timothy, I have changed my name to MarsDy as it suits me more. I am no longer Melanie Martinez Cry Bbie/ MMCB.

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  • DanceGuy151

    As this wiki is now over 3 years old and many of you have joined within the last year, I figured I'd write about this wiki's short history. I'll add to this blog as new events arise so it can be as comprehensive as possible.

    Note: This blog is currently unfinished and I will continue making edits until the complete history is held here.

    This wiki was created on October 27, 2014, just two weeks after I had joined Fandom. I wasn't exactly the most experienced (or mature, for that matter) user at the time, and I still cringe at some of the choices I made back then, or just the ways I edited. For example, I would type out all of the lyrics for songs rather than copy and paste them from other websites. As you can imagine, this took longer than ne…

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  • MarsDy

    Hello everyone, before reading this I want to address with you that I love Melanie Martinez and everything about her, I am still a fan of her and I love being a part of this wiki as well. So please don’t get offended by this post if you are a part of this fandom please. The people I am stating in this blog post most likely and hopefully do not apply to you. Thank you.

    Hello bbies! So today I wanted to share with you on why I left the Melanie Martinez fandom. I joined the Melanie Martinez fandom in about November of 2015, it was kind of still a small fandom. It felt like mostly Melanie was still a fan’s little secret. I had only a Cry Baby cd and the Cry Baby cameo t shirt. My YouTube channel didn’t even exist. In early 2016 more and more peop…

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  • 3V1L.15.BU7.4.5H4D0W

    This isn’t about Mel but I’m listening to the new Sia Christmas album and it’s even lazier then This is Acting. It’s so forced and under written make it stopppppp.

    EDIT 20:58 (8:58pm):

    i actually really like the song Ho Ho Ho bUT the rest so far are just awful please I feel like I’m having a fever dream.

    EDIT 21:06 (9:06pm):

    This album is actually making me contimplate suicide wTF ARE THESE LYRICS? 

    EDIT 21:10 (9:10pm):

    “It’s Christmas time so run for your life” how charming.

    EDIT: 21:17 (9:17pm):

    The last two tracks are tolerable but these aren’t two hours that im never ever going to get back and sooner or later someone’s going to find me dead with a pair of headphones rammed down my throat please save me from this nightmare.

    EDIT 21:27 (9:27pm):


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  • Mekanie

    Today I decided to talk about Artists I want, and can see Melanie collaborating with.

    First on the list, Tyler the Creator would be great, right?

    They're both weird in their own ways, and i think they could make a pretty hip tune.

    Another is Nicolle dollanganger. 

    She makes music like Melanie but ten times darker and with much softer melodies.

    Kali Uchis would be great, but I know that's pretty unlikely.

    The pierces and Melanie could fix up a good song.

    Anybody thought about maybe MArina nd the diamonds?

    Also these are my opinions. So please don't leave anything negative. 

    Mekanie (talk) 17:39, November 14, 2017 (UTC)

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  • 1317November

    im just a cat

    November 13, 2017 by 1317November

    i am a cat that goes by many N names including Neville, November Nile and Nixon.

    I am here to discover the activities and likings of the human race and right now it seems pretty interesting.

    There are also other cats working for me gather information

    meow meow mew mao meow

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  • Someone10000



    Following an artist means that you enjoy their meaning, their vision and their creations. Following an artist means that their aesthetic becomes yours and you follow their rate of imagination and heart beat. You cannot change your music taste like fashion. It just ain't possible. Your musical taste expresses your inner self.... how can your inner self change that easily?

    .....and why is Melanie "obligated" to "tease" us? She's a person and she can do whatever she wants. That has nothing to do with her loving her fans or not. This is art. Whoever is a fan of an artists just waits for the artist's response, people really gotta understand how art works. You don't just order pizza!

    ...and I don't even know y'all but all the peopl…

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  • Nacrite

    Best Melanie Martinez MV?

    November 7, 2017 by Nacrite

    So I've been looking for a reason to write a blog post so I can earn a badge and more points.

    Mine has to be Pacify Her. I love the song, and the casting was perfect!

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  • 3V1L.15.BU7.4.5H4D0W

    Melanie Martinez ​is an American recording artist, singer and songwriter who was born on April 28, 1995. She's profoundly favourable when it comes to expanding her emotions as well as her creativity in her records, which remarkably shows in her unpublished works, extended plays and studio albums. Her (dare I say "latest") full length record, Cry Baby and it's deluxe edition, was released on August 14, 2015 and instantly became admired by her devoted followers, naturally. However, to understand the latest controversy among the community, we must come to a certain conclusion about her latest record and it's musical quality.

    In order to successfully analyse Cry Baby, ​we must look at the vocal, instrumental and narrative quality throughout the full …

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  • StarsGurl44

    Let's start from song to song because the full album was awesome!!!!!!! And I am listening to it while I type this :3

    1. Crybaby
    2. Dollhouse
    3. Sippy Cup
    4. Carousel
    5. Alphabet Boy
    6. Soap
    7. Training Wheels
    8. Pity Party
    9. Tag, You're It!
    10. Milk and Cookies
    11. Pacify Her
    12. Mrs. Patato Head
    13. Mad Hatter
    14. Play Date
    15. Teddy Bear
    16. Cake
    17. Gingerbread Man
    Crybaby Reveiw

    Crybaby is really good (It's pretty much how she got the name "Crybaby") it's a catchy song and is fun to listen too.

    Dollhouse Reveiw

    Dollhouse is really good also. Although some of the lryics are more mature it is still an amazing song

    Sippy Cup Reveiw

    Sippy Cup also has some mature lryics and references to drinking and stuff but it is still a great song. Good job Melanie


    Really good and fantastic

    ​Alphabet Boy

    Really good song…

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  • AshleyxTrash

    My fan art

    October 24, 2017 by AshleyxTrash
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  • Designer TayTay

    random poll

    October 20, 2017 by Designer TayTay

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  • LittleJackk

    Hello those at the Melanie Martinez Wiki! Recently i saw many people have been defending Yungelita (A Pedo) just because Melanie is friends with her. As much as i love mel, i know that this is wrong. Melanie is against people like this, so it is quite obvious she doesn't know.

    Alot of people who might come across this will not know who she is. So let me tell you.

    Her real name is Emma Harvey. she never shared her name and gets extremely angru when people call her by her real name.there has been an ongoing thread with 60+ pages, screenshotting, inserting attachment, link confirmation on PrettyUglyLittleLiar (a forum website). There is no doubt that Emma Harvey likes child porn, There are no lies. The content is solely made by Emma Harvey @yun…

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  • Nightmimegirl

    Fake songs by MM

    October 6, 2017 by Nightmimegirl

    As you fans Of MM (Melaine Martinez) have seen and heard the rumors of "unreleased" which is probably the most real of the fake albums. 

    It is just songs that were not on crybaby not a new album besides mad hatter just came out. 

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  • XAshxCrybabyx

    On the internet, there are sooooooooo much fake snippets of "Unreleased Songs" of Melanie Martinez.

    Some of them are just Type Beats but others are from different songs.

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  • Beryyyl1712

    In my opinion, it looks cool, but a bit disturbing...

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  • Kiiiiiira


    August 13, 2017 by Kiiiiiira

    I'm new here, just wanted to say hey.♥

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