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why i think melanie is (semi-)innocent

okay, before i get hate; i respect everyone's opinion as long as they respect both sides of the story. what i mean with this is people saying "f*** you timothy" or "f*** you melanie" are not showing respect to both sides and there is no justified, official evidence (i hope this makes sense lol).

now i'm going to begin.
(i'm going to numerously reffer to these links during my explanation:


okay, so Timothy claims in the Newsweek interview that she was pressured into sexual contact on June 25, 2015. if we look at the second link, Timothy's tweets, we can read that she was asked about uncomfortable topics, like her sexuality, on the first night and she was performed oral sex on her on the second night.
taking this in mind, lets look at this picture of Melanie on her instagram:
look at the date.
this is in the morning/afternoon (the window in the vehicle is showing a bright sky). so...if Tim's story takes place in these two days, and on the morning/afternoon of the second day she is travelling to LA and these two events happened in the nighttime, something is simply not working properly.

in Timothy's tweets and the Newsweek interview, she says that Melanie and her ended their friendship because "Melanie didn't have time for her anymore."
well, why would she take take pictures with her/dress up as her?
(Timorthy recently deleted the original picture)




in addition, in the first picture, Timothy says in the original caption this happened in Melanie's tour bus (the picture was taken in April 2016). this doesn't make any sense - who would hang out in her rapist's tour bus, let her rapist do her make up, dress up as her, take a picture of herself doing this and posting it? specially someone like timothy, who has been so scared of saying this to the public. hm.

i'm tired, it's 2:37 atm and i want to sleep, but i'll add more proof as soon as i can. please contribute if you wish!
and, if you are on Timothy's side, i'm not going to hate on you as long as you show respect to both sides. this is not a "this is proof timothy lies" but more of a "this is why i believe in melanie".
Timothy Heller shares details on Melanie Martinez rape accusation
Timothy Heller shares details on Melanie Martinez rape accusation The 22-year-old "Mad Hatter" singer has been accused of sexually assaulting Timothy Heller, former Dresses vocalist. Newsweek
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